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Estate Planning After a Divorce

Going through a divorce is an incredibly challenging and emotionally draining experience. Following the upheaval of separating assets and rebuilding your life, it's important to remember to update your estate plan. Estate planning after a divorce is crucial to safeguarding your assets. Following divorce it's important that you revisit your most recent last will and… Continue reading Estate Planning After a Divorce

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Planning for your Digital Estate

As our world moves further along in the Digital Age, we as a society have become increasingly dependent and intrigued with the digital world around us. As a result of this dependence we have created and accumulated vast amounts of "digital assets". These digital assets range from and include the digital files on a computer,… Continue reading Planning for your Digital Estate

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(Minor) Children in Your Estate Planning

When handling people's estate plans, I am often asked how life insurance, retirement accounts, and other “beneficiary” property should be handled with regards to the young children. More often than not,  people with children want some or all of the proceeds of these accounts to go to their minor children. For example, if a client… Continue reading (Minor) Children in Your Estate Planning

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Life Insurance And Your Estate Planning

Most people know what life insurance is and what it does for you. However, if you do not, let's go over the basics. Life insurance is insurance that you can pay a monthly fee for that will pay a beneficiary an amount of money after you pass away. The amount of money paid at the… Continue reading Life Insurance And Your Estate Planning