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Special Needs Planning

It seems everyone knows at least someone with special needs, whether it be a family member, a church member, or a friend. When it come to estate and financial planning, the term "special needs" applies to family members who cannot, for some reason, take care of themselves. The reasons are varied, whether it be a… Continue reading Special Needs Planning

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The Problems with Handwritten Wills

Oklahoma allows the probate courts to admit holographic (or handwritten) wills. There are certain considerations that are very important to consider if you think a holographic will is right for you. Today on Tulsa Estate Planning Blog,¬†Skillern Law Firm, PLLC will help you figure out if its right for you. First, there are important, strict… Continue reading The Problems with Handwritten Wills

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Why A Joint Will Is A Bad Idea.

One common question about wills and trusts is about joint or mutual wills. Many people ask attorneys why joint wills are never recommended by attorneys. The reason is not that attorneys want to get more of your money by drafting two wills instead of one.¬† Also, most people may see it as an extra expense… Continue reading Why A Joint Will Is A Bad Idea.

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It is a new year, and everyone is listing things that they want to accomplish in 2012. You might be interested in a new healthy eating¬†regimen, or workout schedule, but why not add updating your estate planning to that list? Twenty-twelve is the year of the estate plan! If you haven't established a way to… Continue reading Resolutions

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Till Debt Do Us Part

I was researching for a client recently who asked about debt and what exactly happens after a significant other or a child passes away. The client had signed as a co-signer on some of the deceased loans and was wondering if she was responsible for that debt. Also, the client was wondering whether her new… Continue reading Till Debt Do Us Part